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Concrete work is used in almost all modern establishments today. From homes, to public places, buildings business establishments, as well as public works such as in bridges, roads, walkways and other facilities.

Final concrete placements complete Center Hill Dam barrier wall

 Concrete has always been the choice when it comes to durable, weather-resistant building materials. (photo credits)

Whether you are an individual building your new family home, undertaking a home improvement project such as a new driveway or patio, or a business owner wanting to improve the sidewalk of your establishment, or perhaps a builder handling the over-all construction of a residential or commercial building, you will definitely need to hire the services of a concrete contractor.

San Diego Residential Services

Simple patio cover and stamped concrete

Add value to your home, and make it look lovelier with stamped concrete. Photo Credits

If you are looking at paving your driveway, building a patio, or improving your lawn or back yard, it will be in your best interest to hire a concrete contractor. A concrete contractor can guide you on every step of the way in achieving what you have in mind. From the planning stage, to the actual work, and finishing, concrete contractors will be there to help you further improve your home. Build Safe

Forget the Do-It-Yourself video tutorial you have watched over the internet and focus on what a professional concrete contractor can do for you:

  1. No costly mistakes from experiments because contractors can do things right the first time.
  2. Guide you from planning, designing, doing the actual work, as well as wrapping up and further beautifying the finished product through other concrete work.
  3. You can be sure of the quality of work. Remember, your family’s safety should be considered here.
  4. You can be sure that all safety standards have been followed as contractors have the right skills, and appropriate equipment for the job.
  5. You get to add value to your property just in case you would sell your home in the future.

San Diego Commercial Contractor Services

ADA Fail

Wheelchair ramps should be made of concrete for it to be safer. (Photo Credits)

Public safety, superior quality, and aesthetics are all very important when it comes to commercial and business establishments. Services of a concrete contractor is definitely needed for any facility you would like to use concrete in such as your parking lots, side-walks, as well as wheelchair ramps, among others.

You should never entrust concrete work to just about anyone because only licensed and professional concrete contractors can do the job well, and in compliance with existing regulations in your area. In fact, a concrete contractor can also ensure that your business becomes compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Farm irrigations, as well helipads, and boat ramps should also be built well by experienced concrete contractors because safety is at stake in the utilization of these facilities.

Sub-Contracting concrete

Rebar, Concrete Cooling and GPS

Get the right concrete contractor. (Photo Credits)

If you are a builder, it will be in your best interest to hire a concrete contractor who can take care of all your concrete work. From the flooring, driveways, pavements, walling, as well as exterior work. By getting the services of a concrete contractor, you could be able to dedicate your time and focus on the construction itself.

The concrete contractor will essentially be your aid in ensuring that everything concrete related will be done up to regulatory standards, and of superior quality, complementing the excellent work you are undertaking.

Besides, guesswork will be fully-eliminated in your building project because you have in your team the expert when it comes to concrete. So if your client would like decorative concrete on the driveway or patio, just instruct your subcontractor, and just let him do all the hard work while you concentrate on managing the whole project. It is one area you will no longer get stressed about.

After all, concrete contractors have the right skill set, the appropriate equipment, as well as the capacity to work on projects that are regulatory compliant, and up to the standards that you will set.

What to look for in a concrete contractor

Mack Granite

Choose the licensed, experienced, and honest. (Photo Credits)

Now that you have realized the benefits of hiring a contractor, the next step would be how to ensure that will be doing business with a good performing, efficient, and honest concrete contractor.

Here is a list of what you should look out for:

  1. Does the concrete contractor have appropriate licenses and training certificates?
  2. Does he have a shop or an office, a listed phone number, and a website that you may visit, and call up if in case you will need customer service?
  3. Do they have positive customer reviews and testimonials from past clients?
  4. How long have they been serving the community?
  5. Are the rates they are quoting you more or less same as the industry rates, or is it too high or too low? Be careful about contractors that give you very low cost estimates, because either they will provide you with very low quality work, are a sham, or could possibly charge you with hidden costs once the contract has been signed already.
  6. Do they have industry accreditations as well as memberships in industry organizations? These may include the Better Business Bureau, The Chamber of Commerce of the location, Safety councils and organizations, and business associations.
  7. How is their after-sales service?

If you are already satisfied with the credentials of the concrete contractor that you are eyeing, it is now time to go into the details of getting into business with the contractor:

  1. Make sure that you get at least two to three cost estimates from 2-3 different contractors. There are those that give free quotes so take advantage of them.
  2. When comparing the cost estimates, make sure you are comparing ‘apples to apples’ so to speak. Make sure that you are quoting for the same services.
  3. Once you have chosen a contractor, make sure to have the contract indicate everything you wanted to be done, warranty information, service checklist, quality features, payment terms, scope of work, work timing, and other matters you may have discussed with the contractor.
  4. Never pay in cash. Always make sure that there is a financial trail in all the payments that you have made so either pay in cash or credit card.
  5. For down payments, usually 30-50 percent is required, and as mentioned, pay this in check or credit card as well.
  6. Make sure to file all official receipts and documents related to the project.

Before you finally decide on what type of concrete work to undertake, you may want to read the general information below about concrete:


Town Bridge - Weymouth Harbour

Concrete is one of the sturdiest, if not the most sturdy among all building materials. (Photo Credits)

Concrete is almost synonymous to sturdy, heavy-duty, fire and weather-proof that is why if you ask any builder, homeowner, or an entrepreneur, they would choose their structures to be built using concrete.

Concrete is basically a mixture of a filler (example: small-sized to big-sized pebbles) and a binder (like cement paste). A superior quality mixture of these, plus professional laying and application, will result into a very durable structure.

There are many types of concrete applications that structure owners may ask for. These include:


Concrete Patio Staining - Fort Wayne IN

A patio made even more beautiful by stained concrete. (Photo Credits)

Stained concrete, as its name suggests, is concrete colored using various techniques, primarily through staining. It could be acid or water-based. In acid staining, the usual grey concrete can be turned into earth colors, depending on its reaction to the mineral salts and acid applied to its surface. As for water-based staining is more of a coating to the concrete surface.

Stained concrete may be used in driveways, patios, even on sidewalks, among other structures.



Art in Concrete. (Photo Credits)

Decorative concrete is usually being requested in establishment or home entrances, patio, and even on driveways. As the name suggests, decorative concrete is very far from your plain and usual concrete because it involves artistic techniques to make the concrete structure look more appealing.

It usually involves concrete coloring, staining, stamping, polishing, and engraving, among others.



Decorative Driveway Resurfacing - Fort Wayne

A concrete driveway is ideal.  (Photo Credits)

This is usually what is being used in carports, carparks, roadways, surface roads, and driveways. Using concrete for driveways, and other surface roads may be more costly compared to asphalt, but it is definitely worth it. It does not need much maintenance, lasts for a very long time (about 30 years or so) and it is more durable. Asphalt comes into a second close though because it is way cheaper, easy to maintain, durable, and can be used right away, unlike concrete which can take up to a week before it can be used.


Concrete Foundation

The strength of a structure lies in its foundation. (Photo Credits)

There are two types of concrete foundations, the slab and the below slab foundations. The type of foundation that you will choose will depend on the kind of weather and climate in the area where the structure will be built.

It is a very critical part of any structure because it determines its sturdiness. You will definitely need to leave this up to professionals because only they have the technical know-how when it comes to digging up, and building the foundation. Poured cement is usually what is being used for concrete foundations.



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